December 28, 2019

Nicole + Logan Schnepf Farm Styled Wedding

Arizona, Bridal, Wedding

Nicole's dress, that bouquet, that diamond arch... I mean, c'mon! Everything about this look blended so seamlessly and I am so glad that I was a part of it. Not only that, but the location called Schnepf Farms, with its open fields, tall green trees and other unique features, made all these photos look like a dream. All this to say, choosing your location is just as important as selecting your outfits and doing your hair and makeup. Ideally, I love outdoor locations that offers natural light the best. When it comes to suggesting locations, I always suggest a place that can add variety to photos whether it be a lake with surrounding gardens and open fields to a mountain region covered with tall saguaros to an urban area with unique buildings. Luckily, in Arizona, you could find all of those types of locations easily. If you are looking for location suggestions, feel free to reach out!